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Scope and Coverage 

This Circular establishes the rules and procedures to be observed by the Department of Agriculture in granting, maintaining, and withdrawing GAP Certificate to any of the following types of entities engaged in the production of agricultural crops: (a) individuals; (b) partnership/joint ventures; (c) cooperatives; (d) corporations; and (e) associations/organization. Demonstration farms of government, academic and research institutions are also eligible to apply for GAP certification.

Agricultural crops include cultivated plants of which products are harvested at some point in their growth stage intended for human consumption

This Circular also establishes the composition and tasks of the GAP Certification Committee, the Technical Working Group, GAP Inspectors, and Secretariat. 

Objective of Certification

Facilitate adoption of GAP aimed at ensuring food safety and assuring produce quality while keeping high regard for environmental protection and that of workers health, safety and welfare

Produce quality and safe agricultural crops for consumers; and

Facilitate access of Philippine agricultural crops to neighbouring ASEAN markets and other foreign markets.