I. Overview

NCOA-OCB refers to the multi-sectoral committee created under Special Order (S.O.) No. 95 Series of 2013, as amended by S.O. 318 Series of 2014, renamed and further amended by S.O. No. 308 Series of 2015, which evaluates and approves the official accreditation of OCB.

II. Composition of the NCOA-OCBs

The following constitutes the NCOA-OCBs:

1. The Director of the Bureau of Agriculture of Fisheries Standards (BAFS) shall be designated as the Chairperson of the NCOA-OCBs.

2. The NCOA-OCBs members shall be composed of the Heads and/or duly recognized representatives from the following bureaus, attached agencies and organizations:

a. Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI);
b. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR);
c. Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI);
d. Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM);
e. Non-government Organizations;
f. Consumer Groups; and
g. Academe (SUCs)

3. The Accreditation Section of the Organic Agriculture Division of BAFS shall serve as the Technical and Administrative Secretariat of the NCOA-OCBs.

4. Other concerned department and agencies may be called upon to assist the NCOA-OCBs as deemed necessary.

III. Roles and Responsibilities

1. NCOA-OCBs The following are the responsibilities of the NCOA-OCBs:

a. Revise and/or update the existing guidelines, rules and procedures for Official Accreditation of OCBs, if necessary;
b. Evaluate and Approve the Official Accreditation of the OCBs;
c. Approve Extension of Scope of Official Accreditation of OCBs;
d. Serve as the assessors during Witness Audits and Surveillance (D.C. No. 06, Series of 2015 Article V and VII);
e. Suspension or Revocation of the Official Accreditation of OCBs, in case of major non-compliance (D.C. No. 06, Series of 2015 Article IX);
f. Hear and resolve appeals from the Officially Accredited OCBs; and
g. Hear and resolve complaints against BAFS, and complaints regarding the Officially Accredited OCBs.

2. Technical and Administrative Secretariat The following are the responsibilities of the Technical and Administrative Secretariat of NCOA-OCBs:

a. Prepare annual plan and budget for the operations of the NCOA-OCBs;
b. Screen and evaluate the completeness of the application requirements of the OCB applying for Official Accreditation;
c. Facilitate coordination with the NCOA-OCBs members;
d. Manage the technical assistance activities relative to the operations of Official Accreditation of OCBs, particularly institutional and capability building for the NCOA-OCBs and the stakeholders;
e. Provide administrative support to the NCOA-OCBs; and
f. Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the NCOA-OCBs.