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BAFS as the competent authority for organic agriculture regulations in ensuring the integrity of organic agriculture and fishery products, thereby increasing the trust of stakeholders.


  • Ensure integrity of organic agriculture and fishery products through adherence to sound regulatory practices based on international best practices and with proper guidance and policy direction from the National Organic Agriculture Board; and
  • Enhance promotion of organic agriculture regulations and standards, and stregnthen linkages among regulators and operators through effective networking and complementation.


Organic Agriculture Division is one of the divisions under the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards created pursuant to the Republic Act 10068 otherwise known as the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 and is mandated to regulate the following services related to organic:

  • Registration of organic products, inputs and/or establishments;
  • Accreditation of organic certifying bodies; and
  • Administrative and technical secretariat to the National Organic Agriculture Board (NOAB) 

Currently, Ms. Joeve S. Calleja (Chief Science Research Specialist) is the Division Chief of the Organic Agriculture Division. The Division is subdivided into four (4) sections, to wit:

  1. Registration Section
  2. Accreditation Section
  3. NOAB Secretariat Section
  4. Networking Section