For 2016, Department Order 03 Series of 2016 on Establishing the Department of Agriculture Institutional Structure and Arrangements on Regulatory Policy Work Streams, Coordination and Monitoring was issued by the Department of Agriculture, with the following objectives:

 1. To Establish the key work streams relevant to advancing a streamlined and harmonized regulatory system and services of the DA;

 2. To institute an effective linkage and appropriate level of coordination between the DA and the relevant offices and agencies;

 3. To institute a mechanism for unified development of regulatory policy positions and recommendations, and for effecting appropriate

     interventions consistent with international commitments and agreements relevant to trade regulations;

 4. To facilitate networking with the other government offices involved in regulatory services, Local Government Units (LGUs) to ensure

     synchronized and transparent policies on regulation; and

 5. To promote cooperation on regulatory-related initiatives, including capacity and capacity building initiatives across the DA regulatory