The Bureau if Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) was established through the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA) or Republic Act 8435. Consequently, the Laboratory Services Division (LSD) was given the task to: "conduct research  on product standardization, including alignment of local standards with international standards".

In 2013, under the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Rationalization Plan issued the following organization proposals for the Laboratory Services (LSD) of BAFS:


Paragraph 10.0 on the organization shifts:

...(c) The retention of the existing Laboratory Services Division, with functions as follows:

» Conduct Research on product standardization;

» Determine the safe level of contaminants and poisonous substances found in primary and secondary agricultural products; 

» Coordinate with other agencies with standards-related functions on laboratory requirements;

» Consult with government agencies and the private sector in formulation of recommendations in support of effective application of standards; and

» Collaborate with the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Health and Department of Trade and Industry on technical

   backstopping for laboratory accreditation  and certification; and provide inputs for use in standards formulation and/or revision